2 in 3 Small Businesses Lack a Written Disaster Recovery Plan

Nationwide 's annual Small Business Indicator survey revealed that a majority (68 percent) of small-business owners don’t have a written disaster recovery plan — even though about half ...
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Safety Tips For The Holidays

Many things can go wrong during the holidays. Nearly every holiday tradition exposes our families to injury and our homes to disaster; from tress covered in lights, candles, to frozen pipes, putting a ...
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Cleaning Up After a Flood

If your home has suffered a flooded basement in Canton OH, it’s important to begin flood cleanup as soon as possible. The longer that your home holds moisture after a flood, the more likely it ...
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Get to Know Design Restoration

After a disaster, the damage to your home or business can feel overwhelming. In these circumstances, contacting a fire restoration company can help you mitigate and clean up the fire damage so your ...
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