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Disaster Restoration Services in North Canton

While technology and better building designs have helped mitigate many potential effects from natural disasters and other freak incidents, there’s always tail events that require specialized, professional cleanup and restoration. When your property has damage after a strong weather event, fire, or any other disaster, it’s best to work with a high-level disaster cleanup provider. Design Restoration and Reconstruction has spent 20 years building a business helping property owners clean up and restore their properties after such incidents. Fires, water damage, flood damage, and more - you name it, we’ve handled it, and handled it right. We aim to be your partner in making sure your property is cleaned up and safe to begin remodeling and reconstruction after significant damage. Often times, it is imperative to get professional help because of dangerous contamination to water systems, electrical connections, and other volatile aspects of building and construction. Mold and mildew build up can have harmful health effects as well. When disaster strikes, contact the experts in helping you rebuild and rejuvenate your property - Design Restoration and Reconstruction in North Canton, Ohio.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration in North Canton

Design Restoration and Reconstruction is proud to offer two locations in Ohio to better service our customers who need fire and water damage restoration services. We know that when disaster strikes, having committed, dedicated teams to help clean up and restore a property is vital to any home or business. We aim to provide top level service during these difficult moments because we know how important it is to getting your property back on track, especially if the property is your personal home or personal business. Our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau means we’ve earned the trust and respect of our customers and we take that seriously in providing disaster restoration that does the job right at a competitive rate.

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