Design Environmental is proud to be one of the few providers of Tomi SteraMist in Ohio.

Design Environmental offers routine disinfection services for a wide variety of residential & commercial settings in the following cities, Akron, Canton, New Philadelphia, Wooster and surrounding areas in Ohio. Equipped with a powerful technology in fighting the spread of bacteria, SteraMist effectively eliminates pathogens from hard, nonporous surfaces. Design Environmental disinfection services are ideal for educational facilities, municipalities, athletic clubs, senior living facilities, child care centers, multi-unit buildings, and more.

Additionally, SteraMist inactivates viruses and deodorizes by killing odor causing bacteria. When you re-enter the room, you can “smell the clean” and Design Environmental disinfection services do not contaminate the environment with any toxic byproducts.

Now your facility can be confident that they are taking an extra step that may reduce the risk of transmitting communicable diseases among customers, residents, and children.

Routine Decontamination Treatment

Utilizing SteraMist after routine maintenance, renovations, and repairs may mitigate associated risks with potential residual bacteria, and mold and mildew in commercial spaces. This added step will promote quality control to reduce the risk of cross contamination between treated surfaces associated with wipes, sponges, rags and cloths.

Complete Room Disinfection

Employ Design Environmental to disinfect hard to reach, hard non-porous surfaces, including floors, ceilings, walls and equipment. Additionally, SteraMist is scalable for multiple areas, saving time and labor.

Emergency Sterilization Response

It’s imperative for facilities to assess, develop, and implement risk management plans that will minimize exposure when unexpected disasters happen. Developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in response to weaponized anthrax, Tomi SteraMist Network (TSN) primary service provider Design Environmental is equipped with the best disinfection tool for an assortment of disasters that require emergency response.