Restore all contents that have been damaged due to a fire, water damage, or a storm back to their pre-loss condition

With the Fireline Ultrasonic System our team at Ultra Clean By Designs is able to virtually restore all contents that have been damaged due to a fire, water damage, or a storm back to their pre-loss condition. Our team is able to streamline the process by using different staging and cleaning techniques to effectively clean and restore all the contents back to pre-loss condition by not only saving the insurance companies money, but the property owners as well.

The Ultra Clean Process

Ultra Clean By Design starts with the pack-out process. When preparing to bring the properties content back to be cleaned at our facility, the Ultra Clean team then separates the items into relevant categories and are packed together. The categories are subject to the contents condition such as material make-up, durability, and residue type. This process is essential to the success of handling and cleaning the contents effectively and efficiently.

Before moving the contents over to the ultrasonic cleaning stations, our team removes the excessive soot and other debris from the items. Environmentally friendly detergents, along with ultrasonic action is used to remove the grime, soot, and other contaminants from the contents that are being cleaned without neglecting small crevices or areas that are normally time consuming to clean. Once the items are cleaned back to pre-loss condition, they are then rinsed, dried and then repacked for return.


  • Efficient 4-step restoration process
  • Cleans and deodorizes heavy soot-, sewer- and mold-damaged hard contents.
  • Ultrasonic technology, special solutions and trained staff restore items to pre-loss condition or better


  • Cleans collectibles that were previously impossible to salvage
  • Restores and returns irreplaceable and cherished items
  • Eliminates expensive replacement costs
  • Quick turnaround times result in lower storage costs

Ultra Clean by Design Goes Above and Beyond Expectations

Ultra Clean By Design also utilizes Deodorization & Dehumidification Chamber’s during the contents restoration process. Hydroxyls and ozone generators are used in the deodorization chambers and storage areas to help minimize malodors resulting from damage. Low grain refrigerant dehumidification is also used in the dehumidification chambers to stabilized and mitigate damage condition.