Trust Ultra Clean By Design to Restore Your Electronics

Ultra Clean By Design understands that quick action after a fire, water, or smoke is crucial in the conservation of any electronic item on your property. When the contaminated items are not cleaned within a certain time frame the damaging corrosion process will begin. Even though exterior damage may not be present, the interior of the electronic equipment can be severely affected with the early onset of corrosion.

When the environment is contaminated, smoke particles from smoke residue will begin to gravitate to plastics, copper and aluminum; which can all be found in all commercial and residential electronics. Any electronic item that was directly contaminated or suspected of contamination, should be cleaned before any corrosion can begin. The Electronic Restoration Techs at Ultra Clean By Design are professionally trained to use the Fireline Ultrasonic system to restore you electronics back to their pre-loss condition.

Data Recovery

There is nothing that can cause more stress on a homeowner or business than losing any data saved on your electronics that were damaged in fire or water loss. Ultra Clean By Design understands that electronic data stored on hard drives, data cartridges, phones, tablets, and computers are extremely important to the homeowner or operations of a business.

Nothing can cause more heartbreak to a family than losing treasured family memories or important information. Recovering the data is vital after any type of loss if the pre-loss condition cannot be obtained. If successful data retrieval and transfer can be done, Ultra Clean By Design will be able to help minimize business interruption as well as preserve important family memories.


If pre-loss condition cannot be obtained, Ultra Clean By Design will proceed by running diagnostic testing on important electronics and computer components to verify the cause of damages. We will estimate the repair cost and provide any information if requested.

Ultra Clean By Design can Handle it all!